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Indoor Air Quality

Evaluating ambient air is an investigative process. All potential items which might have an adverse impact on a building’s environment must be identified and evaluated. For example, any symptoms experienced by persons working in the space and any operations taking place in or near the space must be thoroughly evaluated. Then, through process of elimination, the contaminating source is identified, and proper remedies are suggested.

Pinnacle’s indoor air studies begin with personal interviews with those individuals working in an area where adverse health effects may be attributed to their environment. After the interviews have been completed, the study may be taken in one of several directions, depending upon the type of facility being evaluated.

In most environments, the study is focused on the ventilation systems, and common problems then reveal themselves: The air provided to a space is not adjusted properly; the temperature and/or humidity is too high/low; or the amount of fresh air is incorrect, causing stagnation. Using various testing and sampling procedures, Pinnacle evaluates these and other parameters directly related to the ventilation system.

If chemical processes are present in, or adjoining the space in question, the study will shift in emphasis to the airborne emissions of the processes, and appropriate corrective measures will be suggested.